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Welcome to BlockJobs a place to find, market, and streamline oremote jobs and services

Our Vision

Welcome to our jobs market

Connect quickly and easily for jobs from artist, devs, friends, founders, influencers, and companies according to your needs or vise versa

Beta phase

Why use block?

Boost your visibility

We will be utilizing special tools and marketing strategies to gain visibility to our clients services and jobs.


We aggregate remote web3 and blockchain based jobs from multiple sources.

Job recruiters

Our Job recruiters do ground work for you and make the hiring process alot less stressful by connecting you with the right fit from the right area of expertise


Profile Customization

Customize your own profile with a profile picture, bio, added links, and more


Track all your applications, bookmark your favorite services, and save job listings.

Connect wallet

Pay with multiple different payment options

Post jobs & services

Advertise your skills and services and list jobs to hire freelancers.


Users can create their own organization, and post jobs and services as that entity .


Chat and send Messages to other users on the platform



“” When I needed some art for my project, I reached out to one of my friends at Galacticats. I was able to connect with reputable and talented artists to get exactly what I needed for a fair price. It was super easy and reliable. Two things which are hard to find but absolutely needed in the NFT space.””

SnowBeard, Admin of Snow skellies NFT

“”Reached out to the team about finding a brand ambassador for our project that aligned with our vision and was comfortable taking interviews. They had a candidate within 24 hours who is now an important part of our team very impressed with their work and can highly recommend reaching out if you’re looking for anyone in a role for your business.”

PeeZap, Founder of Pixel Cab Games

“”Through my friends at blockjobs i was able to fill a moderator position for a mfer .””

Cardoshi, founder of Dbag mfers

“”Over the past few months ive worked with Galacticats create tons of great memes! .””.

Tyler Martin, Freelance artist

“” The team at blockjobs helped me land a social media marketing role at a web3 gaming studio, the proof is in the pudding .””


“” I am very thankful that I got to know the team at yarn only a few months after I joined web3 with my company. Since the beginning, we’ve been working together on various designs and networking with whoever we can! Through them, I was able to make a name for my marketing agency on web3 and doing network with people I never dreamed of doing. Thank you so very much!!! .””

Matheus, CEO of Atlas social media

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Are you a freelancer or a company looking to find jobs or hire talent? It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, why do that when you can find it much easier with blockjobs. Contact us if you have any suggestions, questions or enquirys

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